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We are all the people who make up Pocatello and this great nation.
There is no greater patriotism than protecting the rights of all persons to live as their conscience leads them, to have shelter, food, clothing and to know they have value as a person. Every person has something to offer, a contribution to make.
We are strongest when we work together.

!Pocatello: Too Great for Hate

 Pocatello Is Too Great for Hate: Celebrate Diversity

Flash News Announcement

2Great4Hate BrochurePocatello: Too Great for Hate! expresses its deep concerns about the recent distribution of White Supremacist music CDs in our community. We are also concerned about the rise of cyber-bullying and harassment of children at schools and students at college based upon sexual orientation, religious affiliation or national origin.

We are urging persons who share these concerns to print out a set of flyers and distribute them to friends, neighbors, children who come trick-or-treating, at schools and in churches. On these flyers is a pledge that we urge everyone to take.

Please note: the flyers should be printed on both sides, and then cut into thirds.